Pokémon Adventures!

I've tried keeping a comic diary many times, and have always failed. Hopefully chronicling my Pokémon adventures will better encourage me to draw this with SOME regularity.


Hello again. I also opened a tumblr; I love livejournal, but I guess I'll try to maintain two blogs. You can find the tumblr here. I'm still learning how to use that website.

les cerveaux

I wanted to document my time in France in comics, but a mere comic diary would not suffice (as I suck incredibly at maintaining one, as Quincy Quarks can attest. Instead, at the height of my enthusiasm for the Walkind Dead TV show, I decided it would be funny to be stuck in France during a zombie outbreak. And so, I bought one of those reporter-oriented flip Moleskin sketchbooks, with that awful thin, bent-by-a-breeze paper, and I started drawing this comic on airplanes, tramways, hotel rooms, dorm rooms, cafés, and finally back on my art table. I think it's evident by the shift in drawings that I began spending a little more time on this. What may also be evident is that I sort of forgot about zombies existing as any kind of threat (not a coincidence that this happened when I grew bored of the walking dead show), and indulged more in the fun of having Paris to oneself and their girlfriend.

Anyhow, I always slack on drawing comics for weeks, sometimes months, at a time. This will be a fun way to experiment and KEEP DRAWING. Hopefully I can even manage to draw other comics, but like Grand! Theft! Andy!, what started as a distraction became my main focus (and hopefully I don't just retread territory from G!T!A!). Anyway, sorry if what entails for the next few weeks is stupid!