andrew lorenzi (penrod_pulaski) wrote,
andrew lorenzi

I want to be forgotten

For Montgomery Scott!
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Really amazing Andrew. I love how you take an existing storyline and infuse it with so much more. Also it's not just a complete piss take but a genuine heartfelt narrative with a dash of humour
Thank you, Anthony. I very much appreciate the kind words.
This was lovely and made me very happy!
thank you, Jessica! I'm glad to know you enjoyed it :)
Oh, very nice amn. You are the luckiest red-shirt ever (not that there was much competition. Those poor unfortunate red-shirts...)
ha, thanks, man. Someone has to live to remember the landing party fodder.


7 years ago


7 years ago

This is AWESOME!!!
thank you, Jess! I was hoping that as a fellow trekkie cartoonist, this would meet your approval.
Great job Anthony. I liked this a lot. I want a pet Tribble!
thank you! and wouldn't that be wonderful? Perhaps if one could find a hamster with a penchant for wearing fluffy furcoats, it could make for a nice facsimile
Spot on. Spot frickin' on! :)
thank you very much!
Jess and I are currently watching the first season of Star Trek (for the first time!) - this comic is perfect! Well done!
thank you, my friend! I'm very excited for you guys, you have SOOO much greatness ahead of you. I hope Scotty becomes one of your favorites.
wow pet tribble? closest thing I have is a bunny!
Well, bunnies certainly seem to have a similar enthusiasm for mating

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Your hyperbole lifts my heart. I'm not sure that I have the grit needed for a full book, but I'm beginning to put some relatively bigger ideas to paper (this cryptic language is actually truth!)
This is extremely excellent. Spot on.
Thank you very much
So so great.
thank you so much!
Even though I'm a little late in saying it, this is really amazing. Good work sir.
thank you! it is much appreciated

Deleted comment

thank you very much
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