Hullo, again

Dearest friends,

Penrod Pulaski has not been updated very often this last year. This is for many reasons: job, the comics take longer to plan and draw, my laziness, etc. Realizing this, I have begun to draw a comic or something thereabout nearly every day this last week. Comic diaries are commonplace, and I've dabbled-- and failed -- in them before. Despite this, I've decided to take up the practice once more, and I want to link to it here:

Andrew Lorenzi's Diaries

I am not James Kochalka, so I'm not anticipating producing anything of real significance here. It's an exercise in cartooning discipline and solipsism, but it also provides you with an insight into my life via comics form. This is what I strive for in Penrod Pulaski, which will continue to house my longer, better composed comics (I have at least two in the making).

In the meantime, Quincy Quarks will host these snippets, so that I don't clutter this journal (I have indeed created another asinine pseudonym). If you find yourself with Lorenzi on your brain, I encourage you to visit this other site, which probably benefits from being read in clusters. I originally used another livejournal, but those banner ads were irritating. I'm hoping to continue using this livejournal for years to come, as it has been very good to me.

PS- Minis are still being made, I'm sorry.


NSFW. I have a new comic strip at Top Shelf 2.0, so please check it out. I want to express some serious gratitude to Leigh Walton for his help as my editor on this strip. It was my first time some serious feedback during the creation of one of my comics, and it was a great learning experience. Thanks, Leigh!

Also, thank you tobyisawesome for your help. Everyone, please read his great comics; he always makes me feel inadequate.

I am working on my minicomics, I promise. I also plan to put a few original pages up for sale. I don't anticipate making much money, but do hope to put more money toward more minis.

Finally, I am considering drawing a zombie comic. I know, however, that it's doomed to be a waste of time, not to mention my longer projects I'm working on. But I have to channel that energy somehow, and until the next GTA comes out, how am I to satiate my desires?


This was done, gosh, well over a year ago, about September of 2007. It was published in Phil McAndrew's great PLOTZ anthology, and I really hope that continues one day, because there were some very talented people involved. Most everyone else has posted theirs at this point. I can't believe how long it's been since I drew this